There are (at least) 4 ways to get the MediaWiki software onto your hosting account. They are:

  1. Upload via the hosting Control Panel File Manager
  2. Upload via FTP
  3. Use SSH and wget (this is for more advanced users)
  4. Use SSH and get (also for advanced users)

Let’s go through each method in detail:

Upload via the hosting Control Panel File Manager or FTP

For each of these methods, the start and end are the same, just the middle step differs, and we will explain below.

First download the package by visiting the MediaWiki Download page. Download via the first link there, which today is Download MediaWiki 1.31.1

The middle step now differs for File Manager or FTP:

File Manager

You want to login to your hosting Control Panel and click on “File Manager.” Once there, at the bottom you will see an upload button. Use that to upload the file you just downloaded.


Connect to your account via FTP using any FTP client.

Final Steps

Once the file is on your account, visit the File Manager tab of your hosting Control Panel and click on the file in order to unpack it. You should unselect the “create directory” option.

Once it’s unpacked, you probably want to move all the files up one folder, so that they will be in the root of your hosting account.

Use SSH and wget or git

Checkout the MediaWiki Download page to see where the package is available and if you don’t know what to do, then this method is not for you. 🙂

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