CiviHosting provides two options for SSL certificates, free “Let’s Encrypt” certificates and paid-for “RapidSSL” certificates.

Let’s Encrypt

Let’s Encrypt is a certificate authority that provides free SSL certificates, accepted by most browsers. While they provide security and authenticity when accessing your site over SSL, they do not provide end-user warranties or the additional features of commercial certificates.

For a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, just login to your hosting Control Panel and click on the SSL tab and then follow the procedure there.


For a RapidSSL (a commercial certificate), you can purchase online here:

This product is $50 to purchase one RapidSSL – 1 Year SSL certificate. This is a single domain certificate and only covers and and nothing more.

If you need more subdomains to be secure, you may want a Wildcard SSL Certificate.

Please be sure to see the domain verification process explanation at the bottom of this page if this is your first time ordering an SSL from us.

We need all of the fields below to be filled out in order to generate the SSL.

Whenever you order an SSL certificate (whether a new SSL or a renewal), you must verify domain ownership. This is required by the SSL issuer and is not something we can avoid.

There are two ways to verify domain ownership: Email or HTML File. Both are described below. You can choose whichever you prefer. If you are uncertain, use the Email method.

With either method, after you place an order, an SSL Invite email will be sent to you, within 24 hours. You must click on the link in that email and then “Configure” the SSL.

The Configure link in the email is valid for 90 days only. If the entire process is not completed within 90 days, the link will no longer work and you will need to purchase a fresh SSL.

Note: If you will see there this message:

> We have detected that your CSR contains the same key as the original order. We recommend that you submit a new CSR to be in line with security best practices.

you can ignore that and proceed safely.

Email Verification Method

The last step of the Configuration process above will require you to choose from one of the possible domain admin addresses. There will be a limited set there of available addresses and you choose one.

When you complete that process, you will receive an Approval Email at the address you chose. You must then click on the Approve link. Then we will receive your SSL and install it for you.

HTML File Verification Method

When you click on the link in the SSL Invite email, you will see a filename and a small random text snippet. You must create that file on the domain you are trying to secure and then put that text in there. You can do this using the File Manager of the hosting Control Panel for your account.

Once the file is ready, then you click the “Poll” link back on the SSL Invite web page and if the file you made is correct, it will authorize it. You can then remove that file if you want. Then we will receive your SSL and install it for you.