We offer two types of accounts, VPS and Shared. For information about VPS, see our VPS Hosting page. For Shared Hosting, we have two sizes of accounts. Both are on the same servers and provide the exact same service and support. Details regarding both are below.

All accounts are provisioned within 2 to 24 hours and the details will be emailed to you then.


Regular Account

Extended Account

Disk Space 10GB Disk Space in Europe or
1GB Disk Space in USA
100 Gig
Memory 200 MB 200 MB
Data Transfer 20 Gig / month 1,000 Gig / month
MySQL Databases 10 100
Subdomains 15 150
Parked Domains 5 50
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited
Automatic Backups Daily Daily
Control Panel Yes Yes
Price $15 per month $20 per month
  Purchase Purchase


Our response time for trouble tickets is normally under 5 minutes, and we guarantee a response to trouble tickets and support questions within one hour, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.


We perform a full backup of all files and databases every day, and we store them for one week on a physically separate server. There are thus always 7 complete backup copies of every site. You can also make a “Personal Backup” of files/databases/emails whenever you want which you can download or restore later.

Control Panel

Our servers run a custom built control panel with a File Manager, MySQL Database Manager, phpMyAdmin, cron Manager, DNS Manager, and more. You thus have full access to your files and database(s) and you can upload whatever modules or themes you want.

Domain Names

We can register domain names for $10 a year with a hosting account purchase and $20 a year for names purchased separately.


All accounts come with unlimited email accounts and with POP3 and IMAP access, plus a web email client. Sites can also use a Google App for email and we can assist with the server settings for that.


CiviHosting provides two options for SSL certificates, free “Let’s Encrypt” certificates and paid-for “RapidSSL” certificates. You can read more about both options on our SSL Purchase page.


All accounts come with SSH access and drush pre-installed.


Our servers run Linux (a customized version of Debian). We support PHP, MySQL, Perl, Python and Ruby (on Rails), and we provide a simple to use, custom control panel.

One Site

Shared hosting accounts support one website and one website only. Multiple domain names can be added, but they are “parked domains” not “add-on domains” which means that they all resolve to the same document root, i.e. the same website. Our accounts do support subdomains, however, and those would each be a unique site with a unique webroot.

If you have any questions whatsoever, just ask!