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CiviHosting is the absolute best!

No hiccups or downtime that I’m aware of since our site officially went online last October. No email glitches. Just excellent, continuous, uninterrupted service.


OMG, you guys are the best!
Barbara Donnini
Data Consultant/Analyst
Plymouth Meeting, PA
I am so grateful that we found CiviHosting! Everything works seamlessly, and in the rare occasion something does go wrong (usually by my own error!), I know I can rely on CiviHosting’s support. They have excellent response times and their responses are always genuine, personal, and helpful. If my question is about something unrelated to their services, they still try to help me resolve the problem as best they can. CiviHosting works seamlessly with CiviCRM and our organization is able to run a professional, fully-featured website for a very, very low cost. They are the best!
When it comes to web hosting, you are the BEST!
Kate Bray
Senior Web Developer
Jersey City, NJ
You can tell when someone is in business to get the minimum job done, just like you can also tell when someone is in business to provide you with great service by going above and beyond. I feel like CiviHosting is there to provide me with great service, and I can depend on them to be there for me.

I really like how quickly your support team responds to my questions and how quick they are to help me resolve my issues. They respond within minutes of me posting a question, and their answers are always helpful, professional, and kind. Honestly, your support team’s service and ability to help has been 100% effective, and I can’t say that about my previous hosting company!

We highly recommend CiviHosting, because the hosting service we recommend to our clients is a reflection of our company.
SJ Sevell, Principal
Sevell + Sevell, Inc.
939 North High Street, Suite 205
Columbus, Ohio 43201

As a web design firm with lots of experience working with hosting services, we’ve experienced our share of less-than-professional hosting companies.

CiviHosting’s fees are definitely reasonable, and we’ve never experienced any downtime with their servers because they keep up the security software. They also allow their customers (us) greater access to their servers so it’s easier to do updates.

Not only does CiviHosting run nightly backups of our clients’ websites, they archive them for 7 days. Why is this critical? A previous hosting service we used to work with, backed up just once a week. One client’s site was hacked the day before the back up, so when we found it was hacked (and essentially ruined), the only back up that existed was the hacked version. It took a lot of time to for us fix their site, which was inconvenient for both us and our client. That isn’t the case with CiviHosting since we can access up to a week’s worth of backups. You won’t realize this is a critical issue until you have that experience!

But perhaps the best aspect of working with them is their awesome customer service! They get back to us within minutes instead of hours, and when a client is waiting on an answer, timing is critical. Having lots of websites hosted with CiviHosting (including our own), we’re pretty sure we’ve never asked a question one of their customer service people couldn’t easily answer.

If your website is your main marketing tool, you need CiviHosting to be your hosting service because you can’t afford NOT to have the best customer service and reliable hosting available. And that is definitely CiviHosting.

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We install for you the latest versions of whatever software you need, such as Nextcloud, Mediawiki, WordPress or Drupal and CiviCRM etc. for you at no charge.

We support CiviCRM within Drupal and WordPress and even Joomla. See our CiviCRM Hosting page for more information.