War of the Wikis

Interested in finding the wiki that’s right for you?

Yes, so are we. 🙂

In the open source wiki marketplace, there are several options, including MediaWiki, DokuWiki, TWiki, Tiki Wiki and TiddlyWiki, as well as smaller players such as MoinMoin, PmWiki, PhpWiki and WikkaWiki.

To see what’s happening in this market, let’s take a brief look at this Google Trends graph of interest in the top five packages over the past year:

Google Trends

Seems clear that MediaWiki and DokuWiki are the top contenders. MediaWiki is more well-known, but DokuWiki is trying to close the gap. The Internet Techies site indeed lists it as number 2 and many people feel it’s easier to use and more effective for many sites. But to really decide, we need more details about DokuWiki vs DokuWiki. What’s the difference?

Today we’re going to talk about exactly what differences do and don’t exist. Yes, we are entering now the War of the Wikis! 🙂

We will examine two areas:

  1. History and License – when and how did these two projects get started and what license the software has
  2. Product – what differences exist in the actual product

A Brief History and License

MediaWiki was originaly written for Wikipedia, and Wikipedia itself was launched in January 2001. The name “MediaWiki” came about in July 2003, the same year that Jimmy Wales created the Wikimedia Foundation. The software was designed to run Wikipedia, meaning they built it “to scratch their own itch.” You can read more about the history on their MediaWiki history page.

MediaWiki has a “major release” every six months and a “long term support release (LTS)” every two years. It is licensed under version 2 of the GNU General Public License.

DokuWiki was written from scratch by Andreas Gohr in June 2004. One month later the first official release was published. In 2005, a major development was the re-design of a large section of the internals. You can read more about the history on their History of DokuWiki page.

New releases come out about twice a year, but there is no official schedule. The software license is GNU General Public License.

The Product

  1. Screenshots
  2. Technology
  3. Security
  4. Features
  5. Community and Support

in progress….

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