The first step is to upload the DokuWiki files to your server, and get them unpacked. This procedure differs on every server.

Once you do that, and then try to access the site, you may well get a scarey red message like this:

DokuWiki Install 1

which means that your data directory isn’t found or isn’t writable. Either fix that yourself if you know how, or you may need to ask your host for sysadmin for help.

Once you have that done, then this is the default home page:

DokuWiki Install 2

which means that you can actually use DokuWiki without installing it at all. That means it’s really easy to get started. The disadvantage of not installing is that anyone can edit your wiki, without any need to create a user account either.

To install it and be able to control it, visit and then you will see the installer. You don’t need any database. All you need is to decide what name to give your wiki, and then your login details:

DokuWiki Install 3

When you finish, you see this:

DokuWiki Install 4

If we then visit the home page again, there is now a “Log In” in the upper right corner:

DokuWiki Install 5

Here is the login page:

DokuWiki Install 6

and once we login, we see more links in the top right:

DokuWiki Install 7

That means we’re done and DokuWiki was installed.

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  • Thank you for such a detailed document. I was stuck since morning and was searching for a proper installation process. Even on the site it is not written in such a simple and detailed way.

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