The CiviHosting Wikispaces Migrator Tool works, in brief, like this:

You provide us with one of the following:

  1. “organizer” access to your Wikispaces wiki (our user is CiviHosting)
  2. an export of your wiki in “DokuWiki” export in “Windows .zip” file format from the Wikispaces export page

We will then create a new DokuWiki wiki on our servers and migrate your content, including text, links, images and documents, into your new wiki.

Here are details of what to expect from your new wiki.

Items that Work 100%

  • All pages imported
  • All text is imported and most formatting is preserved, including:
    • lists
    • bold
    • underline
    • headers
    • links

  • Images and files (like DOC and PDF) are imported into the DokuWiki media system.

Items that do not Work 100%

  • URLs and image file names are converted to be only lowercase letters
  • Any non-standard characters such as © (or spaces) in URLs and image file names are replaced with underscore: _
  • Trailing spaces in URLs are removed
  • Pages in Wikispaces that are “Spaces” are not preserved
  • Boxes around text are not preserved
  • Embedded videos such as YouTube or Vimeo are not preserved

Some of the issues above stem from limitations within DokuWiki (such as you can’t have a URL with a space in DokuWiki) and others stem from limitations in the exported data from Wikispaces (such as embedded videos are not exported at all).

See our Purchase Page or our Migrator Home Page for more details about our migration services.