Wikispaces is closing, but we’ve got you covered

  • Easy Migration — We do the migration for you
  • New Site Choices — Choose DokuWiki, WordPress or MediaWiki for your new site
  • Fast Service — Turnaround time is around 24 hours

CiviHosting will migrate your Wikispaces sites to DokuWiki wikis or WordPress sites on our servers. We will copy your entire wiki onto our servers and keep it online, viewable and editable.

Hosting fees start at just $15 per month ($180 per year).

For full details, see below. To purchase now, proceed to our Purchase Page, or for any questions, contact us via our Contact Us page.

Full Details

Migration Process

CiviHosting can automatically migrate your Wikispaces sites to DokuWiki or WordPress sites on our servers, with your own domain name. We can migrate Classroom, Free, Plus and Super Wikis, and we can migrate Private Label Wikis.

What is Included

You can see the full details of what is included and not on our Wikispaces Migrator Tool FAQs page. Briefly, all of your wiki content (text/links/images/media) is converted into a new, but similar, wiki format which you can continue to edit, build upon, and share with your viewers.

Why Should I Trust You?

Wikispaces is going out of business. Who says that CiviHosting won’t also go out of business in another six months or year? This is a valid question, and we have a good answer. In brief, our offering is “portable” and your wiki with us will never get lost. To see our full answer as to why to trust CiviHosting, visit our Wikispaces Migrator Tool FAQs page.


DokuWiki and WordPress are free, but CiviHosting is not. We have been providing high-quality web hosting since 2006, including daily backups, a 24/7 Support Team and more. We provide hosting for individuals, small businesses, NPOs, schools and Universities including Arizona State, Columbia, the University of Michigan and others.

The fee for a shared hosting account with us with 1GB storage space is $15 per month ($180 per year) and for 100GB storage space is $20 per month ($240 per year). We also have VPS packages for sites with larger requirements or heavy traffic. You can also purchase your own domain name from us for $10 a year, and our hosting includes email service.


We are also working on developing a migration service to MediaWiki. Contact us to ask about that if you are interested.

There is also a possibility that we could provide a lower level of service (no 24/7 support and no custom domain) for a lesser price, if there would be enough interest in that.

More Information

For any questions, please use our Contact Us page.