What do I get with a migration from Wikispaces?

What you will receive with us is a DokuWiki wiki with your content and images. It is then possible to change the template, upload your logo, add users, add plugins to your wiki and more.

Can I add users to my wiki?

Visit the Admin page (link is on the top right of your wiki) and then click on “User Manager” and there you can add/remove/edit users.

Can I add and edit the content in my wiki?

Of course. Your new DokuWiki site is a wiki, same as Wikispaces. If you are logged in, you can edit any page and add pages. The methods are slightly different then Wikispaces, but the same basic idea.

How do I change my wiki template?

We are working on a page to explain how to do this.

Is there a visual editor?

Yes, there is. Click this to see it full size:

How do I install the visual editor?

We are working on a page to explain how to do this.

What about my page tags?

The Wikispaces export does not include tags, so those are not preserved. A “tag” plugin can be added to DokuWiki for the same functionality, but you would have to manually add tags to each page.

Can I add a contact form my wiki?

Yes, we are working on a page to explain how to do this.

Do you have sample DokuWiki sites I can see?

Sure, these two use the default template:


And these two use other templates:


How do I get back to the Wikispaces Migration page?

Here: Wikispaces Migration.