To start, visit and click “Desktop Clients”

Click on the Windows or Mac version.

Launch (or “open”) the downloaded file.

The install process is then the same as any other program:

Nextcloud Client Installer

Just click “Next” repeatedly until it’s done. When you now launch the program, the first step is to connect it to your cloud. It will ask you for the “Server Address” which means the URL of your cloud.

Enter that and click “Next” and then enter your Username and Password.

If you get those right, then the wizard will ask you if you want to sync everything or only certain files, and it will allow you to specify which folder on your PC to use to sync the files. Set those up as you like and then that’s it.

The client may need a few minutes to download (or upload) files to sync everything, but after that, you’re in business. 🙂

For details how to install the Nextcloud server, see our How to Install Nextcloud Server post.


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