Wikispaces has been a beloved tool for educators (and others) worldwide for over a decade. This year, however, they have announced the sad news that they are closing permanently, and all wiki content on their servers will be lost forever. 🙁

So people need a Wikispaces alternative, and we have one for you.

They provide ways to export wiki content, but there are several problems with their export feature. One is that there is almost nothing you can do with it. You can’t import that data easily into any other system. I can’t say the export is worthless, but it’s very disappointing.

CiviHosting has thus developed a system to take the export data from a Wikispaces wiki and convert that into a DokuWiki wiki site. After such a conversion, you can continue to have your wiki online, edit it, add pages and media, and continue to share it.

For more information see our Wikispaces Migration page.

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