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Where to Find Help for CiviCRM
February 28, 2017

Stuck with your CiviCRM? Looking for online documentation or a place to ask your questions?

There are a few such places.

The first two are the CiviCRM User and Administrator Guide which is an online book. You can read it online, and use the search features, or you can download your own copy.

The second place is the CiviCRM Documentation wiki, which is an online wiki with a lot of the same information, but in a different format. Since it’s a wiki, you can also get involved and help edit it if you find something that needs fixing.

Those are the main documentation locations.

For Q&A with real people, the CiviCRM Stack Exchange site is the place. The community is very active there, answering most questions within hours.

If that didn’t do it, the last place we can suggest is the CiviCRM Help page, which has the links above, plus a few more ideas.

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