The WikiMedia Foundation has announced that they are joining the World Wide Web Consortium! In a blog post by Gilles Dubuc, a Senior Software Engineer with WikiMeda, the Foundation has declared that they are “becoming a member of the W3C,” which means they are joining the world wide effort to standardize the underlying code structure of the Internet.

As Dubuc writes:

Founded by Tim Berners-Lee in 1994, W3C works with hundreds of organizations to ensure that the web’s basic building blocks—like HTML or CSS—remain consistent across browsers, platforms, and more. You can learn more about what W3C does over on Wikipedia.

Joining the W3C fits right into our 2030 strategy, which calls on the Wikimedia movement to “become the essential infrastructure of the ecosystem of free knowledge, and [ensure that] anyone who shares our vision will be able to join us.”

This is excellent news for the WikiMedia Foundation and the Internet overall and CiviHosting applauds the Foundation for their ongoing support for web standards.

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