We are often asked if Nextcloud can be installed in a subdomain and the answer is yes.

There are two ways to do this, technically speaking. Let’s say your domain is puppies.com and you have hosting for that and you’re not ready to change that, but you want a Nextcloud instance and you want it on a subdomain called cloud.puppies.com. To get that, all you need to do is purchase hosting from us and in the “Domain Name” box put “cloud.puppies.com.” We will then set up your account for you using that subdomain and install Nextcloud for you.

Then we will help you create an “A record” in your DNS settings to point only that subdomain to our servers.

The second way to do this is to sign up and use “puppies.com” as your “Domain Name” and then just ask us to install Nextcloud in a subdomain called “cloud” for you. The DNS settings are the same, but now the “main” part of your hosting account with us is empty and so you could later put your main site puppies.com into that space and then use CiviHosting to host your main site as well as your Nextcloud.

With this method, you could also host the main domain with us, as well as other subdomains, such as mautic.puppies.com if you wanted to use Mautic.

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