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Laravel Tutorials
July 12, 2017

Getting started with Laravel is not easy, even for a developer who already understands the MVC model and has worked with it. We have compiled here a brief list of resources with good tutorials to get you started learning Laravel, and some advanced ones also, to keep you going.

Laravel Specific Sites

Below is a set of sites focused only on Laravel, each of which has tutorials:

The first place for many is Laravel’s own Documentation site at Everything there is of course free and text-based.


Laracasts is a paid-for only resource, but it’s one of the biggest and most well known. It’s all videos.

Their tagline is:

It’s Kinda Like Netflix for Your Career!

Learn practical, modern web development, through expert screencasts. Most video tutorials are boring. These aren’t. Ready to binge?


Laravelista has a set of courses and tutorials in text format and video, including both free and paid-for resources. Their tagline is:

Learn Laravel by reading tutorials and completing courses. No more rewinding or pausing videos. Only the most detailed text instructions with open-source applications.

Laravel News

The Laravel News site has a Laravel Tutorials page with a nice set of resources.

Learning Laravel

The Learning Laravel site has literally hundreds of tutorials.

Laravel Best Practices

The Laravel Best Practices is a one-page (but it’s a LONG page) introduction to Laravel with lots of links to other resources.

Laravel Tricks

The Laravel Tricks site has a variety of tutorials, from a wide set of authors, each with his own style.

Other Sites

Below is a set of more sites which are not Laravel-only sites, but they have some useful Laravel tutorials available:


On YouTube there are a few channels dedicated to Laravel, but none with a large set of up to date tutorials, that we found. Your best bet is to run a search for Laravel Tutorial there and you will find there a good set of results.

Kode Blog

Kode Blog is an educational website that provides free programming tutorials, articles and complete source code. They have Laravel tutorials on their Laravel 5 Tutorial page. is a site for programmers to find and share the best online programming courses & tutorials. They have Laravel tutorials on their Laravel Tutorials and Courses page.


Toptal has a tutorial: Laravel API Tutorial: How to Build and Test a RESTful API with good information.


Belitsoft is an offshore web dev agency, and they have a nice page called Getting Started With Laravel for Beginners with links to a lot of specific tutorials on all kinds of Laravel subjects.

In Conclusion

If you have any comments, including suggestions for additions, just let us know.

About the Author
David Feldman is a Senior Technical Advisor for CiviHosting, your Laravel hosting experts. You can contact him via our Contact Us page.

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