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How to Install a MediaWiki Extension
January 22, 2020

There are two basic steps to installing a MediaWiki Extension. One is to add the code and the second is to active the extension. Below we will detail various options how to accomplish each step.

Add Extension Code

On each Extension page, there should be installation instructions, that include the location of the code. Normally, extension code can be downloaded from Extension Distributor page and there will be a link to that. You can now either use SSH or download the file to your computer. If you know what ssh is and how to use it, then probably we don’t need to tell you more.

But if you need a simpler method, first download the file to your computer. Then you can upload the file to the “extensions” directory in your hosting account with us via FTP or via the File Manager tool of the hosting Control Panel.

Either way, once it’s there, if you visit the directory via the File Manager tool and click on the file, it will unpack it for you.

Activate Extension

At the bottom of your LocalSettings.php file, you must add code to enable the Extension. Some Extensions have unique instructions, but for most you just add one line:

wfLoadExtension( 'ExtensionName' );

That’s it. Your Extension is ready to use.

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