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Copying a Site on CiviHosting
April 26, 2021

To copy a site on our servers, whether from one account to another, or from a different subdomains within the same account, is not hard. You indeed must have some technical skills, but beyond that, the process is fairly straightforward.

The first step is to copy the files and also the databases. The files can be copied within the same account directly in the File Manager. To copy from a separate account, you would want to download a backup archive of the files and then upload that to the new account.

To copy the database, in the same account, you can select the source database in phpMyAdmin and click on Operations and then Copy Database. From two different accounts, you could either download a backup archive of the source database and then upload that, or use phpMyAdmin to export the database. Either way, you can now use either phpMyAdmin’s Import feature to import, or you can upload the file to your account and use the Import button next to the target database on the MySQL Databases page.

Now the target site settings file need to be adjusted. For WordPress or Drupal, adjust the wp-config.php or the sites/default/settings.php file to adjust the username, password and database.

Then the civicrm.settings.php file must be adjusted. In WordPress that’s in wp-content/uploads/civicrm and in Drupal it’s in sites/default.

You must adjust the database connection string for both the CRM and the CMS databases, meaning to adjust the username, password and database.

Then the URL(s) and also file paths must be adjusted.

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