Our Referral Program is a “finder’s fee” concept — you send us hosting clients and we send you money as our way of saying “Thank you!”

We pay you up to 40% of the purchase price of any and all new hosting accounts purchased. Don’t forget that we host more than just CiviCRM — we also host WordPress, Drupal, MediaWiki and hundreds of other packages also. Have a question? Just contact us.

We make it very easy to get started — we have two ways you can send us referrals: Referral Links or The Honor System.

Referral Links

If you login to this site (account creation is free and painless on our registration page), then on your My Account page you will see a link on the left side of your page called “Referral Links.” Click on that to see your link. (It takes you to your Referral Links page but this link will only work if you’re logged in.)

Now send that link to your contacts, or put it on your site, emails or your blog etc. When someone clicks on that link to visit our site, and they then purchase a hosting account, we will automatically credit that sale to you.

The Honor System

We are an old fashioned company and believe in building relationships and trust. If you send us a friend/contact/client etc. who makes a purchase and just tell that person to tell us (either via email or our Contact Us form or in the Comments box on the account purchase page) that you sent them, we will credit that sale to you.

Furthermore, if you yourself contact us after your friend/contact/client purchases an account and tell us that you sent them, we will also credit that sale to you.


Just send us clients and then relax and watch the payments come in:

Number of Referrals Commission
Under 10 20%
10 or more 40%

For more information, just contact us.

Affiliate Agreement

This Affiliate Agreement is made and agreed to between CiviHosting and you (“You”). Any and all affiliates agree in full to the following terms and conditions.

  1. Only individuals 18 years of age or older may participate. You must provide CiviHosting with complete and accurate information.
  2. You will not earn a commission on the purchase of your own personal hosting accounts.
  3. You will not earn a commission on a purchase which is canceled within 60 days.
  4. Any and all sales and commissions are subject to our Privacy Statement and our Terms of Use.