Get started with CiviCRM fast with one on one training from a CiviCRM expert. In a 45-minute training session, via phone or Skype, we will walk you through the basics of CiviCRM.

Topics we can include:

  • Overview of your CMS and where CiviCRM is
  • Contact Management (add / edit / remove)
  • Donations (record donations / create and edit donation pages)
  • Events (add / edit / remove event pages and registrations)
  • Mass Email (create and manage bulk email lists / send email blasts)
  • Memberships (record memberships / create and edit memberships pages)
  • Case Management (add / edit / remove)
  • Reports (standard reports / configuration / custom reports)

You just tell us what subjects are most important to you and we will focus on those.

Quickstart Package