WordPress Management Platinum Service

24/7 WordPress Maintenance plus Unlimited Edits

Sign up for our WordPress Management service and leave your website to us so you can run your business. We manage it, we maintain it and we even edit it for you. We monitor that it’s online 24/7 and we provide unlimited edits — just tell us what to change on your site and we will do it.

24/7 website edits




Weekly updates

24/7 monitoring



System Review


Price is $200 a month. If you don’t use CiviCRM, we may be able to provide a less expensive package. Contact us to get started.


What’s included in “unlimited edits?”
Edits include any and all edits to content (text and images), plugin settings, theme settings and CSS adjustments. Things that are not included are custom development (custom plugins or themes) or content creation (we are not writers) or image creation (we are not designers.
Do you really monitor my site 24/7?
Yes, our team is online 24/7 and if your site goes down, we are notified within 60 seconds and make it a priority to get your site back online.
Do I have to use CiviHosting for my host?
We certainly recommend that, but no, it’s not required.
What is your response time?
A ticket with a single request will be handled within 3-6 hours. If a ticket has multiple requests, then it may take a bit longer. But we are here 24/7 and on the job.
Can you repair a hacked site?
Yes, just contact us to sign up and we will clean up your site first thing.
Does the price apply to a multisite “network” install?
We support multisite installs, but each site requires its own contract.
How does the “unlimited edits” part work?
You just email us your edits and we do them and email you back confirmation. That’s it.
Can I discuss edits on the phone?
We are not normally able to provide phone support.