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RabbitMQ is an open source message broker written in Erlang. It is a product of Pivotal Software, Inc.. What is a “message broker” you ask? Good question. Their answer is:

RabbitMQ is a message broker: it accepts and forwards messages. You can think about it as a post office: when you put the mail that you want posting in a post box, you can be sure that Mr. or Ms. Mailperson will eventually deliver the mail to your recipient. In this analogy, RabbitMQ is a post box, a post office and a postman.

The main RabbitMQ site has tutorials how to connect to your RabbitMQ server using Python and how to connect to your RabbitMQ server using PHP as well, with other options also such as Javascript.

They boast that RabbitMQ has more than more than 35,000 installs across the world.