Have you ever been hacked?

We clean and protect hacked websites for $200 USD/year:

This includes:

  • Unlimited Cleanups per Site
  • Express Blacklist Removal
  • Website Security Audit
  • Full Incident Review and Follow-up Report
  • Additional Website Protection

Scanning and Monitoring

Daily Malware Scans We will perform daily malware checks on all files of your account. We use commercial and internally built malware definitions, tuned to the web hosting environment.
File Change Detection Every file change on your account is monitored and inspected in real-time for malware.

Security and Protection

Site Security Audit With the purchase of this service, a security expert from our company will dedicate 1 hour for a full site security audit, presented in a complete final report.
Site Software Updates If we find outdated software, which can be updated without breaking the site functionality during our security audit, we will update it for you.

Malware Removal

Hack Cleanup & Malware Removal If your site gets compromised, we will clean it and restore it to a working state.
Blacklist Removal If your website gets listed, we will request its removal from all blacklists. Keep in mind that if the site was listed, it was most probably because there was some malware on it, and a cleanup will be required.
Quarantined Backups Before proceeding with every cleanup, we create a quarantined backup, which can be used for further investigation and reporting.
Post-Cleanup Report We will provide you with a full investigation report.
Root Cause Investigation We investigate the logs of your account to find the entry point for the attack, so that the site can be secured against similar attacks in the future.