WordPress Management Platinum Service

Sign up for our WordPress Management service and leave your website to us so you can run your business. We manage it, we maintain it and we even edit it for you. We monitor that it’s online 24/7 and we provide unlimited edits — just tell us what to change on your site and we will do it.

CiviCRM Management Gold Service

Sign up for our CiviCRM Management Gold Service and we will run any and all upgrades to your CMS (Drupal or WordPress) and also CiviCRM, every month. This includes upgrades to core, themes, plugins (modules) and extensions.

Extended Backups

Beyond our standard 7 or 15 days of backups, get twice-monthly backups, stored for one year.

Advanced Security

Have you ever been hacked?

We clean and protect hacked websites for $200 USD/year.

DDOS setup and DDOS advanced

We will set up DDOS protection for your site via CloudFlare.

SEO Review

We can review your site for you, discuss with you what your Search Engine goals are, and provide a list of tips to improve your SEO.


Looking to sell goods, whether physical or digital, on your website? We can help you get started with an eCommerce solution for WordPress or Drupal.

Drupal 7 Migration

Drupal 7 will reach end of life (EOL) November 1, 2023. That means you can continue to use it, but the Drupal team will no longer provide any support or upgrades, including security fixes, whatsoever.

It is highly recommended to migrate to Drupal 9, or potentially to WordPress. We can help.